Good afternoon, readers, a very awesome image of Alan Ritchson portraying Hawk and Minka Kelly portraying Dove. for the upcoming Titans 2018 live action series for the new DC Comics online streaming service.  The image is from Twitter 




The suits are dark and gritty, they fit the typical look of a modern-day superhero show. I like the undertone of them. This show has huge potential to be great. Titans is a very exciting project because this is the first time we are seeing  the specific “Titans” characters adapted into live action, the actors look great the contrast of colours such as the dark red, white, grey, dark blue are really awesome and the Hawk’s mask is fitting. Dove’s mask is also fitting they look united and ready for battle against their enemies. I’m hyped to watch Titans are you ? this show will be releasing in 2018.

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Date published: 15/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source:  (1) DC Comics [Official Twitter ]  (2) Titans [IMDB]

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