What’s going on everyone, I hope you’re doing well. Tekken 7 has done a lot this year in terms of gaining a reputable reputation in E-sports and so has the community. The people involved work hard to bring us quality entertainment.  Team District-G from South London have been shortlisted for Team of the year by vidoe game publisher’s Bandai Namco US and Bandai Namco UK this award is an honour it would be  great to see this team win. The pride of being part of world-class figthing team and Tekken fighting game community is amazing. 

Make sure you vote for Team District-G

The official District-G members:

  1. C-Krizzle 
  2. King Jae 
  3. Strider (Team Captain) 
  4. Kaneandtrench (Best UK player) 
  5. Bonusjin 
  6. The Phantom







Date published: 13/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Bandai Namco Entertainment Coent [Bandainamcoent] (2) District-G [Twitter] (3) District-G [Official Website]

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