What’s going on readers, I hope you’re all well. Grezzer one of the best emerging musical artists from London has finally released a hot new track, this track is called “Heavy Weight” it was produced by Dubs Banger and recorded and mixed by Nu-Gen studios, this song is an exclusive single from Grezzer’s Heavy Weight extended play. 





The song has a nostalgic theme, Freddy Kruger references, British recession , overcoming  challenges , competing with other artists, acting like little kids from Blue Peter, Winning like Charlie Sheen (actor), going home like the football team.

His lyrics are filled with pop culture references such as: Dr doom (Marvel Comics) , Human torch (Marvel Comics), Never afraid to back beef, Chun-Li, Rasengan Naruto’s signature attack, paving the way , heavy bars from the heart, doing it for the love, lyrical Bruce Lee, David banner (Hulk and Rapper) Incredible , lyrical Street fighter Ryu, Killer technique Gohan, battlefield Mario Balotelli. The Italian and Ghanaian footballer

Grezzer’s wordplay and references are unstoppable, the talent is here and he is here to stay the ill beats are also lit too, he keeps it too real, this man’s music is a must listen to if you’re not listening to this music you’re doing a disservice to yourself. 


Date published: 13/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Soundcloud [Grezzer]

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