Kojima Hideo responded to death in “DEATH STRANDING”, “Time Fall”, babies appearing anywhere.


Director Hideo Kojima who released the latest trailer of “DEATH STRANDING” at The Game Awards 2017. The director who answered IGN ‘s interview in a few hours was calm and talkative as usual. IGN  interviewed the coach and discussed the partnership with Sony and DECIMA engine , new studio, which was established in Shinagawa-ku, Tokyois listening to talk about. However, something was different from usual this time. In this interview we got substantive information on “DEATH STRANDING” game play mechanics, philosophy, setting.


IGN Japan’s interview:

“The game began with an arcade about 40 years ago.If the player dies, the game is over.Time will come back and you will return before you die.Please do it over and over again.You can die many times But it starts a while ago  This is “Continue”, a system to put money in, this has not changed yet. “When Kojima told the concept of death in most games, it was clear that “DEATH STRANDING” is trying to avoid this trend. “Life and death are one theme, so I’d like you to know that you died in the game properly.” Check out the link above for the full coverage.

The latest image below is monchrome and consists of someone holding the signature equipment for “DEATH STRANDING” in the left, Norman Reedus on the right (the Deathstanding character) and below the man himself Hideo Kojima. Death Stranding has a scene where the head of a love craft style giant standing in the fog blows up. From there upside down, the Sam who plays Norman Reedus sinks while drifting and garbage drifts.



It’s awesome to see Hideo Kojima enjoying the creative process of developing his new IP, actor Norman Reedus is a great choice for Death Stranding his character brings a lot of depth to this game. 


According to a story heard from Director Kojima, the death in “DEATH STRANDING” seems to be as follows – If you are ready to return to the real world, find your body and go inside. However, unlike regular games, “DEATH STRANDING” seems to admit players’ death and even welcome them. Players are not just before their death, they return to the world immediately after their death – like “DARK SOULS” and works by Roguelik, the actions of players have a certain impact, even after death. In video games, the mechanics of death is everywhere, but Kojima seems to be making a system inspired by the Mitsunogawa river and reincarnation.

Source (1) 

“After the explosion (after the trailer), the crater was open, but even after (even after the resurrection) that is still open The ordinary game will return before the crater can be done, so depending on the player exploding , It will be full of holes, the terrain will change. “

According to the director’s story, this is like Sam and a place where players visit each time they die. However, calling this “game over” is a mistake. According to Kojima, this is a place like Mikuni River. When the player dies in “DEATH STRANDING”, it is sent to this place, and it is possible to search around from the first person viewpoint. With Sam’s special ability, players can leave the body, explore this world and collect items. “I am not dead and I am not alive. (Here) I am asking” Do you want to Continue? “

In 2017 it was a year of turbulence in many ways. However, in the sense of Kojima and the development of “DEATH STRANDING”, the strike by the American labour union SAG – AFTRA seems to have been the most painful. “A big factor that was not as planned was that SAG struck last October and if I thought it would end soon, I continued until last November, so it was a performance Capture or voice over session could not be done for almost a year, so it was unexpected, part of it was a bit late or stopped. “

In conclusion Death Stranding is a awesome new IP and video game that I am looking forward to playing and reviewing. Hideo Kojima is a legend it is great to see him enjoying his career once again with his people in Japan. In particular Sony Interactive Entertainment Japan. I am excited for more details be sure to check out my other articles and comment in the comment section to engage check out my donation page and support this blog.





Date published: 13/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) IGN Japan [Death Stranding Description] (2) HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN [Twitter]

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