NieR Automata – [PlayStation 4 Review]

Title of video game: Nier Automata

System reviewed on: PlayStation 4

Publisher: Square Enix

 Developer: PlatinumGames Inc


This was a journey, this experience was more than just your typical video game. I first discovered Nier Automata because of a 2017 E3 IGN video, 2017 was a very exciting year for the gaming industry. Since I had my PlayStation 4 I wanted to research what other people were playing. I did this and it was informative.

Nier Automata contains bullet-shooting tanks, crazy opera singing Goliath’s, killer robots, a lot of dialogue, 60 frame per seconds, Pods using canons and a lot of easter eggs from the older Nier video game for the PlayStation 3. Yoko Taro is a creative genius as a games developer and scenario writer beginning his career with the Japanese video game company Cavia which is no longer operating.

Yoko Taro (PlatniumGames Inc) and his college’s worked well in developing this game and additionally Square Enix for publishing this brilliant game. This game offers you approximately 30 hours of gameplay including the main story line with 26 endings through 3 main characters (2B, 9S and A2) who are robots battling a proxy war for YoRHra. (The organisation you work for in the game)



YoRHA commander is your superior, she is the head of the organisation and she gives commands to an army of cadets. Each unit is also issued with a Pod, a Pod is a small robot that follows your character around with you during the entire play through. The Pod is an essential piece of equipment, pods can be used for ranged attacks that consist of shooting optic blasts at enemy androids. Whilst using other effective methods against smaller enemies and the larger enemies, especially the enemy’s with shields that can deflect these optic blasts without any hassle.

The game’s boss’s and enemy androids also known as Goliath’s are very difficult I would recommend using melee weapons first against those enemies to break their shields before attacking them with bullets. Some shielded enemy types may have glowing spikes on their shields that damage you if you attack them. Break the spikes first via POD fire, and then attack with melee to break the shield. The Pods lock onto enemies for easy targeting.

There are two special moves that can only be used while in the air. Attacking while gliding will make the player spin around, dealing minor damage three extending their flight time. Jumping while simultaneously pressing the POD fire button will make the player grab onto the POD, spin around mid-air, and launch themselves forward, or towards the nearest enemy dealing minor damage as well as increasing mobility. Using POD fire after performing a perfect dodge will fire out a small orb that deals minor damage and causes extreme knock back.

As you progress your Pods can receive POD Programs that enable them to perform special situational abilities, like a unique attack during a Boss fight. You can also upgrade them at Maintenance Shops, increasing their attack damage if you have the required Materials and Gold.




2B dodging those annoying infinite red/purple orbs from the enemy Androids







9S hacking and exploiting the system


My Top 10 Highlights

  1. YoHRA 9S and 2B working together.
  2. 9S and 2B fighting Adam and Eve.
  3. Adam and Eve villains, antagonists with Bibilcal refereces.
  4. A2 beserk mode which was fucking badass so cool (Anti-villain or Anti-Hero ???) 
  5. 9S hacking mini-games and hacking ability in general.
  6. Jackass (NPC) in Nier Automata just becuase of her name and skills and occupation
  7. Devola and Popola the red hair woman in Nier automata’s check out their origin story.
  8. The weapons and upgrades.
  9. Riding animals. 
  10. The ending.



The weapons 

  1. Type 3 Sword 
  2. Engine Blade 
  3. Ancient Overlord 
  4. Virtous Contract 
  5. Cruel Oath
  6. Iron Pipe

Check out the whole range of weapons here







A2 looking fierce as ever with her long hair and badass sword with chains wrapped around it



In conclusion, Nier Automata is a game shrouded in mystery it is immersive, insane, extraordinary, rare and unique adventure like I said before this video game is more than just a video game it’s a message to us all. The soundtrack was amazing and adds to the depth of this amazing Japanese title, the combat system is fresh and fluid on the PlayStation 4 this video game runs at 60 frames per second, the game itself is visually stunning with landscapes spanning from far and wide, different levelling systems and methods of saving your in-game data. Nier Automata is a must, take this review into consideration and do as you must. 



  1. Three unique characters, with amazing back story’s on the characters and the history of YoHRA, weapons and personalities 
  2. Crazy good combat system with good controls and a lot of upgrades (for example chips, health, attacks)
  3. Funny features such as ridding animals and Emil from the previous Nier title 
  4. The game’s plot is captivates the player, the game is deep.
  5. Strange endings that explore a deeper meaning of playing video games, woman, men and technology in general.


  1. The map was terrible too complicated.
  2. Sometimes it is difficult to know what missions or quests as they call it to do
  3. Resistance Camp was exploited that made me angry and sad at the same time when the enemy androids were eating the victims.
  4. The main supervillain isn’t clearly explained, Adam and Eve are biblical names but on the other hand they are proxy villains in a way not real.
  5. The plot is convoluted. 






Nier Automata rating.png



Date published: 12/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) My YouTube subscribe ^^

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