The Game Awards 2017 was an, amazing showcase of passionate game developers, well deserved awards, amazing showcase reveals, musical performances and a great atmosphere within the gaming industry. One of the leading highlights in my opinion has got to be seeing: Guillermo del Toro, Norman Reedus and Hideo Kojima . 


Death Stranding was a phenomenal new IP and we finally got to see the extended gameplay cinematic trailer 


The cinematic reintroduces us to Norman Reedus’ character. He awakens in a barren, mysterious land, rain-soaked and confused. He’s not alone, however; he and the rest of the Bridges-branded crew are seen extracting the life out of other men (including their fellow team members) as part of a strange, covert operation.

It only gets more ominous from there. The haunting trailer goes on to tease Reedus and the team’s enemies: several strange, alien lifeforms only barely visible in the footage. We also see a member of the team stabbing himself to death; Norman Reedus’ character floating underwater, alongside his crew mates; and the return of the baby that we first saw in the game’s very first trailer.

“Once there was an explosion, a bang that gave rise to life as we know it,” Reedus’ character says at the end. “Then came the next explosion, an explosion that will be our last.”

It’s … a lot. But what would you expect? Anyway, you might just want to watch it above.

Hideo Kojima, the much-loved director of the wild Death Stranding, briefly appeared on stage following the trailer’s premiere. He was joined by Norman Reedus, who joked about finding the footage just as esoteric as the rest of us.

Kojima also took to the stage earlier in the ceremony, alongside co-presenter Guillermo del Toro. The director of films like Pan’s Labyrinth and this month’s The Shape of Waterannounced the nominees and winners for best art direction, which went to Cuphead. Del Toro plays a key role in Death Stranding, as we saw last time Kojima dropped a trailer for the game.

As a close friend of host Geoff Keighley, Kojima has made regular appearances at The Game Awards and Keighley’s previous hosting gigs. At The Game Awards 2016, the director returned to the stage with a Death Stranding trailer after his former employer, Konami, barred him from appearing the year before. Keighley honored his friend during the 2016 ceremony with a special Industry Icon Award, introducing Kojima with an emotional reference to his 2015 no-show.

Death Stranding — which also stars Mads Mikkelson — is in development for PlayStation 4, although a release date remains out of reach.

Credit to source (3) Polygon [Death Stranding The Game Awards]


Check out the awesome extended cinemaic trailer for the new IP: Death Stranding Below:






  1. Norman Reedus portrayal as the main protagonist 
  2. Awesome colossal size boss at 5:39 
  3. Movie quality production, which is absolutely breathtaking 
  4. Horror movie like sound GFX and screams
  5. This trailer is giving me a psychological/survival horror kind of vibe similar to Resident Evil 7: Biohazard




  1. Conflicted footage, we really don’t know what the storyline consists of
  2. Crazy scenes from Norman Reedus’s character vomiting bugs and creepy baby faces
  3. Strange black virus killing the guy 
  4. The other character killing the guy struggling 
  5. Unexplained Baby ???


Check out the awesome screenshots of this exclusive new IP: Death Stranding 


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Date published: 08/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Kojima_Hideo [Twitter]  (2) HIDEO_KOJIMA_EN [Twitter]  (3) Polygon [Death Stranding The Game Awards]  (4)  Gamespot [YouTube]

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