The next generation Marvel Heroes has arrived. Marvel Rising 2018 | [News]

What’s going on readers, Marvel released a new promotional video showcasing the next generation Marvel Heroes for the next generation of fans for 2018. This story includes an epic Marvel adventure that promotes diversity and authenticity. This comic is being adapted into animated feature film.

The animated feature film Marvel Rising: Secret Warriors will boast a team of some of the most epic female characters and heroes of colour in the Marvel comics: Captain Marvel, America Chavez, Squirrel Girl, Patriot, Spider-Gwen (going by Ghost Spider here), Quake, Inferno, and Exile. And in an even greater bid for diversity, the vast majority of the actors voicing them are also people of colour — Including many familiar Marvel TV actors’ and actress’ voice talents.

Marvel Rising is a all-new multi-platform animated franchise set to launch in 2018 showcasing the “next generation talent” of Marvel superheroes, according to Buzzfeed. After a series of six four-minute digital shorts are released following the adventures of Ghost Spider (aka Spider-Gwen), the feature film featuring the entire team of Secret Warriors will be released.



  • Kathleen Khavari – Kamala Khan/Ms. Marvel
  • Milana Vayntrub – Doreen Green/Squirrel Girl
  • Dove Cameron — Gwen Stacy/Ghost Spider
  • Chloe Bennet – Daisy Johnson/Quake
  • Kamil McFadden – Rayshaun Lucas/Patriot
  • Tyler Posey – Dante Pertuz/Inferno
  • Cierra Ramirez – America Chavez
  • Dee Bradley Baker – Lockjaw/Tippy Toe
  • Ming-Na Wen – Hala the Accuser
  • Booboo Stewart – Victor Kohl/Exile
  • Kim Raver – Carol Danvers/Captain Marvel






Date published: 08/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Marvel Comics (1) [Instagram] (2) Marvel Comics (2) [Instagram] (3) Slashfilms (4) The creator’s Instagram [Mingjuchen] (5) Marvel HQ [YouTube] (6) Marvel Rising Cast [IMDB]  (7) Buzzfeed [Marvel Rising]

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3 thoughts on “The next generation Marvel Heroes has arrived. Marvel Rising 2018 | [News]

  1. I got a bad feeling about this. Based off of their prior “attempts at diversity” it might not work well. At this point it feels like they’re trying to force and are pandering to a specific audience.

    Liked by 1 person

      1. I’m hoping it does but it kinda sounds like the avengers B-team. Hopefully they do them better that RiRi girl that was ironman…woman.

        Liked by 1 person

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