The passionate man who is a video game director from Hazelight Joseph Fares who previously announced  A Way Out , this man’s charaasmatic speech fired shots at The Oscars, other gaming publishers and also the loot box controversy but on the other hand he is a supporter of Electronic Arts to everyone’s surprise previously a film director turned entrepreneur and game director of the awesome Indie-game A Way Out is back from The Game Awards in 2014, which includes a free co-op mode.



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Photo Credits to A WAY OUT check out this awesome video game



Top 12 highlights from this funny yet informative video of Josef Fares being interviewed by Geoff Keighley

  1. “Look at me man, how do I look, it’s like I’m telling you this There are like passionate people, they’re are crazy people and then there’s me I’m so passionate to be here, I’m so excited to be meeting these industry people it’s crazy man”.
  2. “The Oscars should fuck them self up  
  3. It’s nice to hate EA, haha I don’t care about that shit
  4. “EA has been very good to be”
  5. “I have 100 percent of my income, to my team” 
  6. “All publishers, fuck up sometimes”.
  7. “A way out is coming out next year”
  8. “If the whole world, tell me my game is shit, I won’t believe them”
  9. “This, my time to shine do you know how proud I am to be part of this industry”
  10. “Let’s look at the trailer we can talk later”
  11. “This is an independent game”
  12. “This will always be the game I want it to be”


This man is for the culture of the gaming industry a breath of fresh air








Check out above the awesome trailer for A Way Out a new Co-Op game

The release date: March 23rd 2018




Date published: 08/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) (2) Haydencd [Twitter] (3) Gamespot [YouTube] (4) A Way Out [EA Official]

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