What’s going on readers, I hope all is well over at your end. Netflix released a new image of actress Krysten Ritter and co-actor David Tenant. This image is a very exclusive first look at season 2 of Jessica Jones for Netflix for 2018. The image is distressing, the image features big bad Kilgrave psychologically messing with Jessica Jones whose face says it all. She is annoyed to say the least and looks really upset. It looks like the rivalry is not over between Jessica Jones and Kilgrave.

Season 2 was ordered in January 2016, filming started in April 2017 back to back with the awesome miniseries Marvel’s The Defenders. Jessica Jones season 2 = production and filming will officially be completed in September 2017.



Photo credits to Credit to Entertainment Weekly 





Date published: 08/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku

Source: (1) Comicbook.com (2) Entertainment Weekly [Jessica Jones season 2 first look]

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