Professional E-sports gamer (District-G) and content creator (Twitch and YouTube)  Justin Nelson also known as King Jae proposed a new idea for the Tekken fighting game community. The idea consists of Tekken 7 being apart of the Gfinity Elite SERIES. Gfnity follow the 3vs3 match up for other IP’s such as Street Fighter V and Rocket League at the highest level of competition in the United Kingdom for great monetary gain.

It would be amazing for the UK Tekken fighting game community, to be acknowledged by Gfinity. Not only for the most experienced players but the community getting more new players too, they can get involved in the awesome Japanese 3D fighting game we all know and admire. 

Tekken E-Sports events for Gfinity would be amazing, I approve this message. 




Date published: 05/12/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Twitter [ItsJustinNelson] (2) Gfinity

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