Mads Mikkelsen cosplaying as Naruto Uzumaki “Believe it”

Hideo Kojima out for lunch with the lead actor Mads Mikkelsen for Hideo Kojima’s latest IP Death Stranding, it’s nice to see Hideo Kojima and Mads Mikkelsen out for a drink.



Mads Mikkelsen is a fan of Naruto, check out the nod to the iconic Japanese anime/manga character’s catchphrase “Believe it” (Dattebayo in Japanese in a way) also check out the iconic bright orange and dark black jump suit.


Date published: 05/12/17

Written by: Joseph OpokuΒ 

Source: (1)Β Twitter [@thequiffisdead]Β (2)Β Twitter [_PapaSin]Β (3)Β Twitter [thequiffisdead2]

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