What’s going on readers. This video of a brand-new Batman anime has gone viral. The video is the Japanese perception on the infamous Batman vigilante’s deep rivalry with the iconic clown prince of crime. This anime is called Batman Ninja which is simple yet effective. The name is synonymous with the American DC Comics counterpart ; adding Ninja adds dramatic effect.

There are two trailers, this is the official first one and it features theatrical scenes featuring. The CGI type animation is a little off-putting I would prefer it to be the traditional art and animation but nevertheless it’s pretty good.

This anime movie looks like it took inspiration from Edo Japanese Samurai history battle anime such as Sengoku-Basara which is a must watch I recommend it. Expect to see notable Batman characters such as: Robin, Joker, Harley Quinn and Cat Woman, Alfred Pennyworth.



Expect to see this awesome movie, in 2018Β 



Date published: 02/12/17

Written by: Joseph OpokuΒ 

Source: (1)Β YouTube [moviemaniacsDE]

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