Check out this next level Skateboarding montage in a basketball court they’re going hard in the paint Versace_plug

Check out this awesome Skateboarding edit I found on the ‘gram it is a must watch.

Tricks being performed:

  1. Nollie flip
  2. Triple kickflip
  3. Impossible (skate trick)
  4. Calliebrai spin 180 trick
  5.  (His friend heelflip sex change)
  6. (His friend 720 flip)
  7. 360 flip
  8. Nollie inward heelflip
  9. Fakie 180 / Fakie 360 flip
  10. Ollie
  11. ??????  varial flip or something
  12. Shuvit
  13. Shuvit sex change
  14. Impossible stanky leg
  15. (His friend backside flip)
  16. (His friend fake treflip)
  17. Heelflip (two heelflips)
  18. Ghetto bird 180
  19. and other tricks this is next level wizardry, like skate-fu you know. 

@goyardgary n me showing off

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Date published: 29/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Instagram [Verscae_plug] 

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