Modern Day Slavery in Libya Exposed sign the petition to stop this injustice | [Major News]

Major news outlets such as CNN and BBC News covered this, but I felt the need to write an article addressing this. To say I am surprised is an understatement. Not only I am I disgusted at the Libyan’s Muslim militia for enslaving Black Africans from West Africa (Nigeria, Senegal and Gambia and other West African nations) I am appalled that Africans are being used for Human trafficking which is illegal.

These migrants are men and woman in their 20s and older with their families aimed to leave their countries for a better life but along the way they were tricked and exploited and physically and emotionally abused and sold into modern day slavery by Libyan Muslim radicals, this is injustice as a Black African myself I sympathise with my fellow Africans and I want to take a moment request help.

As you can see the four disturbing images below is just a glimpse of what is happening in Sub Saharan African countries. Africa has had a long history with slavery and many human beings being abused by powerful militia. These innocent people need our help there is a petition below to ask the Foreign Secretary, Boris Johnson, the UN and the African Union to take immediate and concrete measures to stop this human trafficking.

Sign it below and share this article to spread awareness thank you. 


Sign the Petition


Date published: 28/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source:  (1) [Sign this petition] (2) Twitter [MizzEmie]

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