The YouTube collective known as 64 Bits created this awesome animation video which is a tribute to, two legacy video games: Dark Souls and Cuphead. The video is a parody of how Dark Souls would look like in the Cuphead videogame world.

The video is awesome and very creative displaying typical assets from both IP’s such as: cheesy upbeat music, action role-playing video games setting in a cathedral, main characters, enemies and skeleton boss battles.

This video is awesome the Cuphead animation is fluid and well developed, and pays tribute to the awesome run and gun indie game known as Cuphead that was very popular it sold 1,000,000 in two weeks.

Check out the awesome video below.






Date published: 26/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) 64 Bits [YouTube] (2) Twitter [@64BitzAnimation] (3) PCGAMESN

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