What’s going on readers. I hope you’re doing well today Square Enix, the official launch trailer for Monster of the Deep: Final Fantasy XV. Available to download now for the PlayStation virtual reality the synopsis for this launch title is: It’s not time to dive into the totally revamped fishing feature of Final Fantasy XV ! join Noctis, Ignis, Prompto, Gladio and other familar faces in a picturesque virtual reality backdrop”.


In Final Fantasy XV each of the main characters are defined by their hobbies and quirks. Ignis, for example, loves to cook delicious meals such as: Multi-Meat Sandwich, Croque Madam and Toasty Rice Balls, Noctis, loves to fish. The premise of Monster of the Deep is that you are hired as a hunter to locate and destroy a dangerous, giant daemon fish lurking in the depths of various bodies of water.

In order to draw each large fish out you must catch several smaller fish to get its attention by teleporting around locations finding better spots, at which point you use a crossbow and take down the bosses in a first-person shooter minigame. In between missions you spend time back at the cabin with the mechanic Cindy upgrading gear, buying wonderfully detailed costumes, and heading out on new hunts and challenges.

There are a many other game modes you unlock after completing the short main story, such as fishing contests with Noctis, that add to both depth and replay ability. Overall I was pleasantly surprised not only with how much there is to do, but how inherently fun it is to do everything. Make sure you check this launch titles out this is a must.

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Date published: 21/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) YouTube [Final Fantasy XV]

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