Why Hollywood should be paying attention to DeMark Thompson

Since Justice League (2017) has released I’m sure you’ve heard a lot of reviews from critics and online reviewers, the movie has a lot of mixed reviews but it is definitely worth the watch. The future of DC Comics movies seems to be prevalent. Zack Synder the director, Charles Roven the producer, Deborah Synder, John Berg and Geoff Johns and the many other great and talented people who work in the film industry are always looking for new talent.

DC Films and Warner Bros. Pictures could be potentially looking to create and distribute the next big movie project and that could feature “John Stewart” also known as “Green Lantern”. 



This actor has been campaigning to get the role as John Stewart and rightly so, he deserves it, this actor is talented, passionate and role model. He works hard to stay in shape, memorise his lines and put on a show. Check out the awesome Green Lantern Oath below.







Date published: 19/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) IMDB [DeMark Thompson] (2) Instagram [deemarq] (3) De Mark Thompson [YouTube]

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