JUSTICE LEAGUE of Death of Superman Trailer



What’s going on readers, Justice League 2017 the live action movie will be releasing soon and what a ride it has been, Superman plays a pivotal role, Superman will be making his return to the big screen and it is exciting. Steppenwolf is a serious main-villain following his first Earth attacked, Steppenwolf was none too pleased at being humiliated on the battlefield, so in Justice League he sends his parademons—i.e. creepy bug dudes that feed on fear and enact Steppenwolf’s will, and who also happen to be the zombified forms of Steppenwolf’s defeated enemies—out as scouts to hunt for the Mother Boxes.

That’s the basic plot of Justice League: Steppenwolf is hunting for the three Mother Boxes so he can form Unity, kill the meta-humans, and force humanity to bend its knee to its new ruler. Easy peasy.  he’s trying to impress alien super-villain Darkseid, who was teased as the DCEU’s potential BIG Big Bad in those “Knightmare” scenes inBatman v Superman.

Indeed, in the comics Steppenwolf is Darkseid’s uncle and a member of Darkseid’s Elite


Date published: 19/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) YouTube [Comicbook.com]   (2) Collider

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