Anime Crimes Division – OFFICIAL TRAILER | Crunchyroll + RocketJump

What’s up everyone hope you’re having a great day or night. Cruncyroll released a video titled Anime Crimes Division which is about crime and punishment but with a funny anime twist, when someone commits a crime they usually call the police but in this case, they call the Anime Crime Division.

 Detective Furaya (SungWon Cho/ProZD) is here to kick ass and eat Pocky, and he is all out of Pocky the tasty delicious Japanese snack food consisting of chocolate and biscuit which is very thin. Watch Episode 1 of the new miniseries, Anime Crimes Division, TOMORROW NOVEMBER 16th on RockeJump.!

Check out the trailer below




Date published: 16/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) YouTube [@Crunchyroll]

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