Legendary South Korean Tekken Player Quadans wins the Tekken World Tour 2017, E-Sports | [Major News]

Qudans the legedary South Korean player dominates ECHO-FOX | SAINT and wins the Tekken World Tour Finals 2017 in his first North American appearance in over 10 years


Quadans during his winning ceremony, lifting his trophy 

Yesterday Byung-moon also known as Quadans won the 2017 King of Iron Fist during the Tekken World Tour finals. This man has been playing Tekken for over 10 years with a wealth of experience and skill he entered this tournament with the intent to win. He proved this by defeating the legacy player Hyun-jun Kim also known as ECHO FOX JDCR  (The 2017 EVO champion) and also ECHO FOX Jinwoo Choi SAINT this was the highest coverage of Tekken 7 that I have ever seen, the combos, rage arts, rage drives, move sets and general e-sports competitive matches were inspiring.  

Since Quadans came back, from the losers’ side against SAINT in grand finals, he managed to reset the brackets 3-1 and then do it yet again with the same score. Quadans won the prize money of $15,000 which is useful. To accomplish this great victory, he had to dig deep it was difficult to beat the ECHO FOX professional gamers, falling 3-1 to SAINT in winners’ finals, he would additionally play JDCR and defeat him.

As a fellow South Korean Tekken player, they seem to understand one and other and how they play Tekken 7 at a professional level, this man took a hiatus due to working in the military back home and later retired and travelled back North America for 10 years. The hiatus was due to wrist injuries from constant gaming but nevertheless he returned and dominated the competition using Devil Jin against SAINT’s Jack-7 up forward fours. (Quadans also beat JDCR in previous tournaments such as the South-East Asia Majors) JDCR’s Dragonuv and Heihachi are deadly he is a legacy player after all so is SAINT’s JACK-7. All three players are very good at Tekken 7. Nissin Cup Noodles also deserves praise for sponsoring this event, thanks to everyone involved Tekken 7 is legendary best fighting game ever.


Check out the highlights below and Top-8 Finals




Date published: 13/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source:  (1) Tekkengamer.com    (2) Twitter [@TekkenGamercom] (3) Jayrock Gaming

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