Manu Benett who portrays Deathstoke, Stephen Amell   Green Arrow were the stars of the latest Arrow CW episode titled “Deathstroke Returns” this was arguably one of the best episodes of Arrow this year. Season 6 started very abruptly, spoilers will be in this article, If you’re not caught up click away don’t say I didn’t warn you…anyway season 5 ended with Simon Morrison also known as Adrian Chase . Adrian Chase portrayed by actor Josh Segarra was a very compelling super-villain he was a skilled archer similar to Oliver Queen for once, and a refreshing one too he posed as the District Attorney of Star City as his career but during his weekends he worked as the infamous Prometheus .

Prometheus was cunning he lured former team-mate Artemis also known as Evelyn Sharp portrayed by actress Madison McLaughlin  they both worked together in secret to bring Oliver Queen down but ultimately their plans were foiled. Fast forward to 2017 Oliver and his friends are on Lian Yu kidnapped with his son William. Oliver managed to rescue his son but his friends but at what cost….a lot things have changed since back in the day.

Directed by Andrew Kreisberg and Marc Guggenheim, episode 6 season 6 of Arrow on the CW Network. Slade requests Oliver to aid him in the rescue mission of his lost son Joseph Wilson portrayed by the actor Liam Hall , Slade’s son has been locked up in prison this doesn’t sit right with Slade since he loves his son and wants him back. A significant old acquaintance who used to work with Slade gives him some much-needed information he requires. When all parties arrive at the prison Slade informs Oliver to locate his son Joe to free him since because Slade and Joe have a family vendetta, even though Oliver was reluctant he decides since Slade helped him get his son William he will return the favour. 

Dinah and Vigilante also had a big moment in this episode, during the episode, Vigilante try’s to assassinate live during a TV appearance but this time meets Dinah and is shot in the head by cop. Vincent reveals the particle accelerator changed him into a meta-human and explains to Dinah that’s the reason he is alive today (Immortality or immortal you tell me) he later leaves and Dinah let’s him go. (He also got shot in the face and took of his mask and was still fine :O).

When Slade insists they release Joe, he discovers it is difficult because their boss is his son. Dinah saves a politician from the sniper roof attack by the infamous Vigilante because the politician supports the Anti-Vigilante referendum. Dinah saves her again and uses her supersonic scream on Vigilante who removes his mask to reveal he is her ex-lover and old partner Vincent Sobel, who was thought to be deceased. 

Slade decided to take the matter, into his own hands, and suit up as “Deathstoke the Terminator” man the episode was epic. his suit looked upgrades such as a katana made from steel, Kevlar mask with the slit through displaying the iconic left (black) and right (orange) colour scheme design, hand guns for quick use and state of the art body armour. Bear in mind Deathstroke is an assassin so killing is, in his nature he was also a science experiment so he pretty much has a healing factor similar to Wolverine.

Slade killed majority of the enemies his son was commanding but ultimately, he lost being double crossed by his old associate. Slade tried to shoot more enemies, but he failed he then decided to request who the leader of this infamous criminal syndicate is, and he got his answer it was none other than his son Joe Wilson. Slade was shocked and did not expect this the episode ended with Joe Wilson revealing himself. I am excited to see the progression of Arrow season 6. I’m getting a lot of season 1 vibes which is epic the writers, producers, directors, and choreography team did well and off course the special effects and stunt team and stunt doubles very believable episode.




  1. Finally a compelling live action adaption of “Slade Wilson, The Terminator” 
  2. The right amount of gore and action and also sentimental values in this episode 
  3. Family Reunions 
  4.  Green Arrow and Deathstroke working together once again just like season 1 days it was like Ying and Yang, Water and Fire, Hot and Cold. Interesting 
  5. Joseph Wilson’s live action reveal





  1. Slade overeating to his former friend when he confronted him for lying to him and working for his son 
  2. The deception, Joseph Wilson was not in any danger at all it was all a trap to lure Deathstroke
  3. Oliver Queen being reluctant, to help Slade so he was drugged and silenced but it still worked out in the end 
  4. Felicity being a bit negative towards other members of the team
  5. Felicity and her hacker friend and the other mysterious characters and Laurel……uhhhhh why are they dragging Laurel she died, she’s alive she’s working for the bad guys too conflicting 


My Rsting







Date published: 13/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Instagram [@dcgramm]

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