Crunchyroll to Screen 1st 4 Black Clover Episodes in Theaters

Black Clover will be showed in select cinema’s across North America, courtesy of Crunchyroll for Anime Movie Night.



This years movie night will host the number one anime that is sweeping the anime community, yeah you guessed it none other than Black Clover. This is the next generation tale of two magical warriors who wield a sacred power and must use it to become the Wizard king and aid the wizard king.

The show was created and developed by the studio that brought us the old school favourites Naruto and Bleach (The studio Pierrot, licensed by Funimation and televised in Japan on TV Tokyo) this is a great opportunity to watch this awesome anime on the big screen with your friends and family get your snacks and make sure you head down to the theatre’s if you can.

Release Dates: December 6th , 7th and the 9th, check out my sources for more information on how to get there and tickets and the locations in North America. 


Date published: 12/11/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Crunchyroll (2) YouTube [Crunchyroll](3) Anime News Network  

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