Raiden-X was one of the first online flash games that got me into free online games. Created by the Flash game designer Googley  created this free online game as a tribute to the original Raiden classic series. Raiden X is a flash tribute to the classic shoot-em-up “Raiden”. 

Raiden X is a flash remake of Raiden II created by Googley, which was more basically a major and more successful update of his game, The Raiden IIs (which is a 2-part Raiden game) and published by It was released on the internet in 2005. Despite being not developed by the actual Raiden creators, Raiden X has won numerous awards. Raiden-X actually received positive feedback from the game journalist critics’, despite the critics not liking the animated background, but the gameplay, 3D effects, and music and the SFX were great in quality.
These are the awards Raiden X won:

  • Hot Game – Freeworldgroup
  • Daily 1st Place – Newgrounds
  • Review Crew Pick – Newgrounds
  • Weekly User’s Choice – Newgrounds
  • Frontpage – Newgrounds
  • Top 50 – Newgrounds
  • Top 50 – Flashplayer
  • Featured Flash – Smosh
  • Weekly 1st – Smosh
  • Frontpage – Smosh
  • TV Showcase – G4TV Channel

In this game, you pilot an aircraft among a swarm of enemies to blast apart anything in your way with a myriad of high-tech weapons. The game features 8 stages each with a boss at the end. Raiden X is one of the most complex games in the arcade, due to the sheer amount of options and features contained within it.

There are a total of 8 levels in Raiden X, which most of the bosses return and are the same as in Raiden II, but some differences include that the Payak Colossus Tekniikan is larger than its depiction in Raiden II, same goes for the Cranassian Kamikaze Warship.

Red (Machine Gun): The machine gun is your default weapon. It starts out firing two shots straight forward, but increases the number of bullets fired with each level. At the third level and beyond, the shots fan outward, allowing you to fire upon the entire screen without needing to move.When using a bomb, the bomb is dropped beneath your plane and creates an explosion at that spot

Blue (Laser): The laser is the most powerful weapon in the game, but covers very little area. The laser only fires straight forward, and barely covers the area in front of your ship. The higher the laser is upgraded the more deadly it becomes, adding more lasers. The “6th” upgrade level grants you one large laser that can tear through nearly every enemy in the game in one shot.When using a bomb with this weapon, your plane fires out a large flash of light forward, incinerating most enemies in the way

Purple (Electric Beam): This weapon fires an electric purple beam that locks onto enemies, and hits all other enemies that happen to be in the way. This weapon also “arcs” off of nearby enemies, and can take out entire clusters of enemies with ease. It is, however, the weakest weapon in the game, but takes the effort out of damaging your enemies while dodging enemy fire. Each upgrade increases the thickness and damage of the beam. When using a bomb with the weapon, the screen gets filled with rapid firing purple beams, Rockets: Rockets act as a secondary fire weapon. They are also small floating squares, but will cycle between the letters “M” and “H”. These will also automatically reach maximum level if the “P” power-up is collected.

Missiles: fire straight forward and cause massive damage to any targets in their way. The higher the upgrade level, the number of missiles as well as their size and damage is increased.

Homing rockets: seek out any targets and attack them. They do not cause as much damage as missiles, but fire at a much faster rate. The also increase in size, damage, and number when upgraded.

Bombs: Unlike weapon and rocket power-ups, the bomb power-up bounces around the screen erratically. It’s looks like three coloured orbs with the letter “B” in the middle.

1-Ups: A triangle with a lightning bolt in the middle. Collect it for an extra life.

Lives in-game: In Raiden-X you begin with 16 lives throughout on the left bottom side of the screen the game you have to try your best to survive with the small amount of lives and sheer huge amount of enemies and bosses throughout the game, the game does reward you when you eliminate enemies with power-ups in the form of P package and medals (mentioned below) and others.

Medals: Medals come in different shapes and sizes, including things like fairies and stars. Collect them for bonus points. They usually appear when a ground target is destroyed, and remain in that spot, scrolling with the screen.






If you are wondering about the future of the Raiden Flash series, wonder no more there is a spiritual successor called Thunderax 9K is available to play created by the Raiden-X Flash game designer himself. Check out the third source and of course to play this retro title check out the second source.

 Date published: 25/10/17

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) YouTube [rabbitgentleman14]  (2) Raiden-X official website (3) Raiden-X Sequel game play it (4) Play Raiden-X NOW !!! (5) Raiden-X Wikia (6) Googley the creator of Raiden-X

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