Bandai Namco UK the publisher for Dragon Ball Fighter Z has released the Dragon Ball Fighters Z cover art for PlayStation 4 and Xbox One and the release date for this upcoming release. Dragon Ball Fighter Z will be released January 26th 2018 on consoles and PC. This game will be developed by Arc System Works.

“Goku and his friends must fight a new battle against a revived Android 16 and an army of super androids designed to resemble and fight like them. The story is split into three chapters: the Super Warriors Arc, the Super Villain Arc, and the Android Arc, each of which follows the story from the perspective of different characters.”

Classic characters (Goku, Vegeta, Piccolo)  & new characters (Android #21 she could potentially be the supervillain) , 3 vs 3 combat system similar to Marvel vs Capcom Infinite and great gameplay overall.

Are you excited get hype. Leave comments in the comment section telling me what you expect to see in this video game. I’m glad we have a finalised release date I’m expecting this title to see a deep plot within the story campaign.




Date published: 24/10/17 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Twitter [Bandai Namco UK] (2) Twitter [@ArcSystemWorksU]

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