Star Wars Battlefront II – Limited Edition PlayStation 4 Pro Interested ? | [NEWS]

PlayStation released an announcement trailer showing off a new Star Wars Battlefront II – Limited Edition, essentially this is a PlayStation 4 Pro with a Star Wars Battlefront II skin. This PlayStation 4 Pro bundle includes a customised Jet Black PlayStation 4 Pro and Dualshock 4 inspired by the title as well as a Star Wars Battlefront II: Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition. 





Check out the screenshots of the new customised system and controller

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The Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 4 bundles

We’re also introducing a range of PlayStation 4 and PS4 Pro bundles. All bundles include a Standard Edition physical copy of Star Wars Battlefront II.*

First off, we’re launching two Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II PlayStation 4 consoles. First is a customised PS4 Pro system, matching Dualshock 4 wireless controller, and a physical copy of the Star Wars Battlefront II Elite Trooper Deluxe Edition.

The Star Wars-themed PS4 Pro is decorated with the iconic Galactic Empire and Resistance emblems, as well as an insignia for Inferno Squad – the specialist Imperial squad featured in the game’s campaign. The console has a beautiful mirror finish.

If you look closely at the matching Dualshock 4, you can spot the Star Wars logo imprinted in the touchpad. The controller’s grips are also decorated with the Imperial and Resistance emblems.




  • Release Date and Price:
  • November 14th 2017
  • United States: $449.99 USD
  • Canada: $549.99 CAD



The Limited Edition Star Wars Battlefront II PS4 Pro bundle will be made available across the U.S. and Canada on November 14 for $449.99 USD/$549.99 CAD. The standard PS4 Star Wars Battlefront II bundle will release alongside the game on November 17 for $299.99 USD/$379.99 CADP).


Date published: 16/10/17 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source (1) YouTube [PlayStation]  (2) IGN UK   (3) Instagram [Sony PlayStation]  (4)PlayStation UK (5) PlayStation Blog EU (6)


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