Check out the second Black Panther (2018) Movie Trailer | [BREAKING NEWS]

Marvel Entertainment has released trailer #2 for the highly anticipated Black Panther (2018) movie. This trailer shows us greater detail of what, we can expect to see in this film. As the narrator says “I have seen Gods fly, I’ve seen men build weapons that I can’t even imagine, I’ve seen aliens drop from the sky, but I have never seen anything like this”. Check out the top moments from this trailer.




The top 16 moments in this second trailer:

  1. T’challa unmasked with Nakia a key member of the Dora Milaje 
  2. Afrocentric city of Birnin Zana in Wakanda
  3. Shuri and T’challa checking out the new suits
  4. T’challa’s underlings commanding the futuristic ship
  5. T’Challa’s step mother, Queen Ramonda giving T’challa a pep talk
  6. T’challa training with Zuri
  7.  Okoye is a member of Dora Milaje advising Black Panther
  8. Black Panther literally dropping in, into action releasing these awesome beyblade burst blue bombs on his enemies 
  9. Killmonger using C4 to free Ulysses Klaue / Klaw
  10. Black Panther’s bullet proof vibranium suit in action, the enemies shoot their bullets but they don’t affect him at all
  11. The Lion King-esk scene where T’challa is wearing white and most likely connecting with his ancestors and father for deeper knowledge and sense of purpose
  12. King T’challa coming to command his army with his awesome African attire featuring a Kente scarf
  13. Shuri driving a futuristic vehicle assisting her brother, as he leaps from behind on to the car
  14. Killmonger and Klaw planning the demise of Wakanda and Black Panther
  15. The sci-fi, action and adventure scenes and off course the explsions and martial arts
  16. Black Panther’s claws



Check out the latest promotional poster for Black Panther (2018) the movie.

The movie will be released February 16th 2018 this is one not to miss the movie is going to be badass. !!! #BlackPantherissolit

Check out the badass screenshots from the second trailer


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Date published: 16/10/17 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) YouTube [Marvel Entertainment]     (2) Twitter [Chadwick Boseman] (3) Nerdist (4) IMDB (Black Panther, 2018)

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