Street Fighter V: Zeku Reveal Trailer | Announcement trailer [NEWS]

During the South East Asia Major 2017 tournament this weekend. Capcom promised to reveal something special and they did. Capcom released the last character for the Street Fighter 5 season 2 which is released, the character they revealed was none other than Guy’s former master…Zeku.

Zeku was the 38th successor of the Bushinryu academy he is a veteran army expert and ninjutsu skillset which aided Guy into the warrior fighter he is today. Zeku has two different appearances he can shift between, one much younger than his regular one, and looking very Strider-Hryu. This new player to the game features a new tag team with another member of his ninja clan while in-game while battling. Though it’s early, this may suggest a multi-stance character not like Gen from Street Fighter 4, or Vega with or without his claw in SF5.


This new Street Fighter 5 character Zeku  will be released on October 24th. Check out his trailer below it is badass and also includes his awesome ninja (Stryder-Hryu) alternate costumes for both Zeku and his alter ego.



Check out these amazing screenshots from this trailer reveal of Zeku

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Date published: 15/10/17 

Written by: Joseph Opoku 

Source: (1) Street Fighter  (2) Event Hubs [Zeku Street Fighter] (3) Event Hubs [South East Asia 2017 Tournament] (4) Capcom Unity Blog

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