Release Date: 

Japan: August 3rd 2000

North America: October, 26th

PAL: December 8th, 2000

Developers: Electronic Arts Square 

Publisher:  EA Games

Genre : Action 

Platform: PlayStation 2

Modes: Single-player video game

X-Squad also known as X-Fire/Crossfire in Japan is a PlayStation 2 launch title that was developed by Electronic Arts Square and published by EA Games. In this video game the only playable character is Ash the protagonist and leader of the team the other three members (Judd, Maya and Melinda) are NPC’s, but they assist you.

The setting of this game is in the distant future in the year 2037. The previous squad the enemy unfortunately defeated the W-Squad. Doctor Bianca Noble has been kidnapped and her work project medusa was stolen now it is up to the X-Squad to replace the previous team and save Doctor Bianca Noble and off course her experiment Project Medusa which is classified and very important.

The characters 

  • Ash – Ash is the leader of X-Squad and the main protagonist. He has many weapons and much equipment. He insisted on rescuing Dr. Noble and Colonel Clifford and retrieving Project Medusa along with his team.
  • Maya – Maya is the intelligence of the team. With her laptop she can search for any lab or hideouts.
  • Melinda – Melinda is the surveillance of the team. Sometimes when she asks questions she answers quickly and likes to start missions quickly.
  • Judd – Judd is the recon of the team. He searches offices for any copies or data there.
  • Dr. Bianca Noble – Dr. Bianca Noble is the boss of X-Squad. After when W-Squad were killed soldiers kidnapped her and stole her experiment Project Medusa in 2035. In 2037 Dr. Noble contacted X-Squad to rescue her and Colonel Clifford and retrieve Project Medusa.
  • Colonel Clifford – Colonel Clifford is the boss of the soldiers since 2029. He was Dr. Noble’s guardian for a while but later becomes the main antagonist as he betrayed X-Squad so he can become the strongest and powerful soldier.


  • Lt. Roger is the boss in Level 1 and guardian of the Waste Disposal. When Ash and Maya enter the Disposal’s air room, Lt. Roger reloads his flame thrower and begins to fight.
  • Cpt. Vector is the boss in Level 2 and guardian of the Sewer. The only gun he has is a grenade gun.
  • Groups of SWAT guards are the bosses in Level 3 and guardians of the Guard Station. Each of the four groups of guards have strong guns and turrets.
  • Team Sinner are the bosses in Level 4 and guardians of the Abandoned Tramway. They dislike intruders. They kidnapped Dr. Noble again for codes.
  • Team Link are bosses in Level 5 and became the guardians of the laboratory once it was taken over by the soldiers.
  • N.O.E. is an army tank, boss in Level 6, and guardian of the Recreation Area. It was Colonel Clifford’s third tank.
  • R.D.S. is a spiderbot with many weapons, the boss in Level 7, and the guardian of the Assembly Plant. It was set by Clifford to kill X-Squad.
  • Pri. Simpson was Ash’s friend but got turned into a soldier. He’s the boss in Level 8 and the guardian of the Strong Facility. He explains to Ash that Clifford betrayed the X-Squad.
  • Colonel Clifford betrays the X-Squad and they meet him on the Rooftop for revenge. He explains with his dying breath that he betrayed them because he wanted to become the strongest soldier. He then drops his gun and dies.



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Date published: 09/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) YouTube [Braindead Entertainment] (2) Wikipedia [X-Squad]

Written by : Joseph .O. 

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