GOD EATER 3 – Announcement Trailer | [NEWS] TBA

Project G.E. and Bandai Namco Entertainment present God eater 3, the latest title in the company’s franchise, this game is an action role-playing game series and this is the first teaser trailer of this title.  Bandai Namco Entertainment offered little in the way of concrete details — no platforms and no release date were mentioned in a press release. Here’s God Eater 3’s official synopsis:


God Eater 3.jpg
A God Eater character with two badass sythe weapons for arms 


In this game, players will be able to team up with their God Eaters companions  and use their special ability the God Arc weapons to destroy the monstrous beasts called Aragami, who are damaging the world. 




God Eater 3 Synopsis

Earth no longer resembles the home we know of now. The Aragami, terrifying beasts that live only to consume, are carving a path of destruction and misery wherever they are encountered. To combat this threat an elite group of heroes known as God Eaters are called upon to save humanity.

God Eaters are individuals who have been bestowed upon them the ability to wield powerful new God Arcs, special weapons powered by Oracle Cells and the only known weapons capable of destroying the monstrous Aragami.

However, another mission is coming into focus; something is happening to the God Eaters and the line between light and dark has never been so thin. It’s time to start breaking free from the cursed shackles that bind the souls of the God Eaters as the battle rages on around them.




The latest video game in the series, God Eater Resurrection was released for PlayStation 4, PlayStation Vita and Windows PC. The franchise kicked off in 2010 with God Eater for PlayStation Portable back in the day.







Date published:  07/10/17

Written by : Joseph .O.

Source: (1) Facebook (2) Polygon

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