Today is a very important day, because Warner Bros. Pictures’ released a new Justice League (2017) trailer. In this trailer we see two familiar faces: Clark Kent and Lois Lane. one of the main focusses of this trailer is the obvious yet cliché arrival, of the one and only Superman. The legacy character we all know and admire. Lois Lane and Clark Kent are now betrothed looking into the sunset happy. Everything seems normal until they hear, a reporter ob the radio announcing the apparent “Death of Superman, violence, acts of war and terrorism are on the rise”. The implication of this statement is significant, Steppenwolf who is a Apokoliptian General, a member of Darkseid’s Elite and the father of the half-Amazon Fury. Steppenwolf lead an army against Earth in the name of Darkseid during the Apokolips War. The enemy that they are dealing with is a diabolical war monger.

Bruce Wayne adds his own input, into the devastating situation that is occurring, he says and I quote “I had a dream…….It was the end of the world”. Diana Prince adds “Invasion”. faintly and Bruce Wayne than says after that “I think, it’s something more”. In a flash you witness parademons flying through a desolate broken city filled with a deadly, gruesome transforming minions of Steppenwolf. who are riding undead horses in an Armageddon setting. Earth as we know it is falling apart with brimstone and fire. Diana Prince questions, Bruce Wayne on his intentions on bringing people they are not aware of to the DC Comics Trinity which consist of Batman, Superman and Wonder Women as seen in Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice. 

This new trailer reveals, a lot new scenes such as Commissioner Gordon utilising the Bat-signal alongside Batman’s flying vehicle The Batwing, Victor Stone also known as Cyborg exploring his holographic capabilities on his arm, The Flash utilising his speed, Wonder Woman on top of, the gold bronze Lady Justice statue with sword and scales above the Central Criminal Court, Old Bailey, London with the course Aquaman in the sea.

This trailer’s purpose is well delivered it executes it defines war between The Justice League and Steppenwolf and his parademons in the DC Extended Universe.


Bruce Wayne:  “Divided we are not enough, the world needs Superman, I made him a promise this is why I brought you together All in”. Now that Superman is confirmed for this movie the only question I have is will we see, Green Lantern ? overall this trailer shows the resolve of Bruce Wayne and Dianna Prince coming to terms with joining a team and recruiting new people to fight this war of the worlds. This movie is going to be a smash hit blockbuster, Justice League (2017) is released on friday November 17th 2017.


Date published: 08/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Warner Bros. Pictures (2) Facebook [Justice League Movie] (3)

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