Tokyo Ghoul: re anime is coming next year | Season 3 is officially confirmed [NEWS]

Tokyo Ghoul.Re technically season 3 of Tokyo Ghoul is officially happening, Sui Ishida  the Japanese manga artist best known for dark fantasy work Tokyo Ghoul a story about a young man called Ken Kaneki who is forced to become a ghoul after encountering one. The voice actor Natsuki Hanae will be returning for his role as the main character, Ken Kaneki. 




The Tokyo Ghoul anime was on hiatus since the ending of season 2, (SPOILER ALERT) In the end of season 2 Tokyo Ghoul a final epic battle between the Anteiku and the CCG clans. The final battle was action packed and gruesome there was a lot of bad blood between Nagachika Hideyoshi, Ken Kaneki’s best friend. Renji Yomo escapes with Touka Kirishima. And Anteiku, the quaint café where the story began, burns to the ground.

The anime teaser trailer will be released in 2018. The clip is 30 seconds long, but the amount of Tokyo Ghoul footage is much, much shorter. The Tokyo Ghoul:re anime is slated for 2018. The manga by the same debuted in 2014 and is a sequel to the first Tokyo Ghoul manga series.

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Date published: 06/10/17

Source: (1) YouTube [音楽映像 – マーベラス公式チャンネル]  (2) (3) Facebook [Gamespot] (4) Kotaku    (5)  (6) Sui Ishida

Written by : Joseph .O.

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