Sonic Forces OST – Sunset Heights, the latest Sonic Forces OST is ecstatic | [NEWS]

The official sonic the hedgehog twitter has released, the latest original sound track for the upcoming Sonic Forces IP. This is the first time we are hearing this greatness and it is outstanding. This music takes me back to the good old days of me playing Sonic Heroes on the PlayStation 2 it sounds like chiptune or 8-Bit and is nostalgic which is great for a new Sonic game.

Sunset Heights is a dark, desolate city with pyro and buildings destroyed by Eggman and Infinite and co. This story is exciting already just listen to the song. 




Date published: 06/10/17 

Source: (1) Twitter [@sonic_hedgehog  (2) YouTube [Sonic the hedgehog]

Written by : Joseph .O. 

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