Epic Justice League Empire Magazine cover !!! [News]

Comicbook.com has shared Empire’s Magazine November 2017 issue featuring the tagline “Superheroes unite, Justice League: DC Fight back ! inside the year’s boldest comic-book blockbuster”. This image shows the team together in all their glory.




Synopsis of the movie

Justice League brings together the major heroes of the DC Extended Universe as a team for the first time. Some reports that Warner Bros. is rethinking its DC movie universe plans have cropped up recently, but DC Films chief and president of DC Entertainment Geoff Johns ensured fans that the universe these characters inhabit is “100% connected.” .

Johns also touched upon some of the criticism levied at how the studio has handled it superhero movie universe so far. Separately, another report revealed that the DC Films universe may not actually be called the DC Extended Universe.

The DC Extended Universe will increase the team gradually. Each member pictured above will be featured in a movie of their own, Aquaman the film will begin in 2018. The Flash movie based on the Flashpoint comic which, is currently in development is on its way, the next Batman movie is in development and so the, Man of Steel sequel, and an official Cyborg movie.

This is some amazing news, since this movie will soon be released what are you hoping to see, does this movie have the potential to be amazing or meh? let me know in the comments and on my social media.

Justice League will be released in theatres November 17, 2017.





Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Comicbook.com (2) Empire Magazine

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