SEGA announces Pierce the heavens with the Drill Wispon in Sonic Forces! [News]

The official Twitter page for the iconic blue hedgehog Sonic has released new screenshots for “Pierce the heavens with the Drill Wispon” For Sonic Forces most likely concept art for one of the many platform levels or stages. 



  1. First Picture: The first image contains robots and the scenery seems very dreary and despondent. There are four eggbots patrolling the scene, but under there is a customised character attacking (Using a new drill wispon to destroy enemies and speed through the chemical plant stage)  the group with the explosions as a reaction. There is also a course at the back that looks iconic and must be where your customised character runs up to ascend to the next level.
  2. Second Picture: The second image, your customised character has destroyed the egg-bots and he/she is running along the arch and the debris is more noticeable, this is exciting. 
  3. Third Picture: Espio, Wisp, Bee, Amy and Silver the resistance seems to be having a meeting in their headquarters with their computer equipment and electronic devices they must be communicating with Sonic and your customised character to inform the main characters on the mission details and location. (The basement is dark with a few lamps and an interactive board at the centre of their attention. 


Date published: 03/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Twitter [@sonic_hedgehog]

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