Why you should watch Chronos Ruler | [Recommendation]

“Once time, slips away, it can never return even if all is lost they will still be a future”. 



  1. Manga: Jikan no Shihaisha 
  2. Anime: Chronos Ruler 
  3. Mangaka: Taiwanese manga creator PONJEA ‘s Chronos Ruler ( Jikan no Shihaisha )
  4. Genre: Supernatural & Shounen
  5. Main Characters: (1) Victor “ACE Ruler” Putin (2) Wu “Splash Ruler, Kiri” Putin (3) Mina “Storm Ruler” Putin (4) Blaze “Flame Ruler”
  6. Main adversary: Time demons (Horror-Log) 
  7. Why you should watch this: Time Lords vs Time Demons
  8. Where to watch: Crunchyroll 




Synopsis of the show

“A Chronos Ruler is a member of an elite group of warriors who fight to protect our timeline from time-eating demons known as Horologues which appear when someone starts to regret their past decisions and wishes they could turn the clock back.”

“Chronos Ruler is an adaptation of the popular manga by Taiwanese artist Pon Jea which began as a one shot published in 2011.

The one shot focused on a young girl, Koyuki, who could no longer dance with her friends after she was injured saving a child from a car accident prompting her wonder what her life would be like if she could travel back in time and do everything differently.

Subsequently developed into a manga series, Chronos Ruler is currently running online via the Shonen Jump website and app.”

Source: (2) 


Time demons: Horor-log 




“One of the coolest shows you will watch this year”.




Date published: 02/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Chronos Ruler (2) Otaku Mode

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