Why Anthem (2018) the game will be epic | (Xbox One)

  1. Title: Anthem 

  2. Platforms: Xbox One,  Microsoft Windows, PlayStation 4

  3. Developer: Bioware

  4. Publisher: Electronic Arts 

  5. Release Date: Q4 2018 

  6. Genre: Action role-playing

  7. Modes: Multiplayer 


Anthem is a freelancer dream come true ???? well in a video game setting (Drew Karpyshyn) a Canadian video-game scenario writer, scrip writer and novelist and his team used the Frostbite engine to their best ability. Anthem is going to be amazing mark my words 

Anthem is an upcoming online only video game, consisting of action role-playing elements such as: weapons and real-time combat where the players have where players have direct combat over the characters over:

  1. Turned-based 
  2. Menu based 
  3. Action based 
  4. Shooting based
  5. Exo-Suits doing jobs for various people for profit

Players will assume the role of a Freelancer, one of a group of bold and courageous people who leave their civilisation to explore a lush and dangerous landscape.



Anthem is one of my most highly anticipated titles of 2018 the game

Check out the slide show it’s amazing, jaw-dropping 

This slideshow requires JavaScript.



Date published: 02/10/17

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Gaming News PS4-pro / Xbox One X

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