Retro Sunday [Sunday Special Week 5] – XG3: Extreme G Racing (PS2)

Release Date: 21/08/01

Developers: Acclaim EntertainmentProbe Entertainment

Publisher: Acclaim Entertainment 

Genre : Futuristic racing 

Platform: PlayStation 2

Modes: Single-player video gameMultiplayer video game


What’s up readers, I hope all is well on this edition of Retro Sunday, I will be writing about one of my all time favourite throwback titles on the legacy system PlayStation 2 XG3: Extreme G Racing. Who remember this game ???


The game consists of competitors who are ready to throw-down on the course with their futuristic motorcycles. This game was on PlayStation 2 and was all about ridiculously fast racing on hover-cycles in a future world where racing makes you feel complete to compete to be the best.


It follows a simulator-style look into team racing of the 23rd century, specifically, the existence of Extreme-G racing. Players are one of two riders in one of six teams, all of which vie for glory in the Championship. One starts a career in the slowest class, 250G, and eventually compete their way into the 1000G cup, the fastest in the game.

The sound-barrier conventions from Extreme-G 2 are transferred here.

10 tracks are included, with twists, drops, and sharp turns, as well as 11 different opponents. Extreme-G 3 handles weaponry differently, resulting in a significant change in game play from the first and second games.

While in the first and second games, the player could pick up weapons on the track, and firing these weapons would not consume their primary weapon bar, in the third game, the player purchases weapons with money won, and firing weapons consumes a small amount of the weapon bar for each shot. Compared to the previous games, Extreme-G 3 offers fewer weapons.




Check out these two game play videos for yourself, this is a must. !




Overall, this IP was definitely one of my favourite titles, such a unique futuristic racing game, that’s so high-octane and badass. You the player gets to test your speed on the track and put the pedal to the metal in the air light speed.


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Date published: 01/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) YouTube [ xRussianYulia17x] (2) YouTube [CrazyEnzo03 (A) ] (3) YouTube [ CrazyEnzo03 (B) ] (4) Extreme-G 3

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