My Hero Academia 2nd season episode 38 [Anime Review]


  1. Manga: Boku no Hero Academia
  2. Anime : My Hero Academia
  3. Mangaka: Kohei Horikoshi (Creator)
  4. Genre : Shounen
  5. Main character : Izuki Midoriya 
  6. Main adversary : League if villains (Various others)
  7. Episode of review: Season 2 Episode 38
  8. Where to watch: Crunchyroll 


Mysterious big bad



I just got done, watching my hero academia season 2 episode 38 and it was alluring, the group of students finished taking part in their physical, practical assessment and it was God-like. A lot of characters showed their true colours (Todoroki, Izuku, Occhako, Bakugo) and so did their mentors. This episode was clearly the aftermath of all of that anarchy.



The plot was for the students, to go shopping at their local shopping centre, and spend time together it was normal they were reflecting on their achievements but suddenly we saw Tomura Shigiraki  we see that he is so pissed off that.

Hero Killer got all the attention instead of him wtf, all he did was chill in the bar and talk with his mentor that cloud type bartender dude. He met up with Deku while the other students abandoned him but one girl did come back Ocahaco she saw Deku being strangled while Tomura Shigiraki was threatening him this meant to happen he reported this incident to the officials. 


  1. Izuku Midoriya’s progression 
  2. The villains are finally showing themselves 
  3. Students going to the shopping centre
  4. The gravity/telekinesis girl showing her affection for Deku well to herself


  1. Confusing plot twists 
  2. Irrelevant new villains 
  3. All-Might (sigh) could perish at this point
  4. Bakugo


Rating: For reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpg


7/10 Seven out of Ten Stars


Date published: 01/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

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