3 years ago, Marvel killed Wolverine. He just came back from the dead. [Review]


Wolverine is now the star of Marvel’s next big comic book event.

So apparently Marvel decided to finally eliminate a vital and significant member of the X-Men, thanks to Moca Brown an awesome avid comic book reader, for the news tip. 2014 Marvel axed Wolverine (aka Logan) who is an icon in X-Men. He is undeniably the most popular character because of his tragic back story.

Name: Logan

Alias: Wolverine 

Affiliation: X-Men 

Mentor: Professor Xavier 

Sidekicks: X-23 and Dakken


In 2014, Marvel did the unthinkable: It killed off Wolverine, a massively popular X-Man whose superhuman healing power should have, by all means, prevented him from dying. Wolverine’s death was a huge event, one of the rare moments where what happens in a comic book becomes mainstream pop culture news.

But now, three years later, the adamantium-enhanced mutant is back.

Marvel brought back Wolverine, a.k.a. Logan, in Marvel Legacy No. 1 this week, kicking off the next giant event in the comic book publisher’s schedule. In typical Wolverine fashion, the moment was brutal, violent, and commemorated with a murder. And in typical Marvel fashion, it wasn’t the issue’s only twist.

The method used to eliminate Wolverine and also resurrect him from death

 Wolverine has been highlighted  in movies (Hugh Jackman has attained great success throughout his career) he was the global icon for  X-Men in comic books, video games, and the beloved ’90s animated TV series, the superhero has become a mainstream pop icon. He has notable features such as: his scruffy, shaggy hair; his adamantium claws and adamantium-laced skeleton; and his ability to heal, extremely rapidly, from just about anything.

In regards to the latter, the X-Men movies have repeatedly used Wolverine’s healing factor as a useful tool for the purpose of storytelling  and plot.

For example like in X-Men: Days of Future Past when Wolverine was the member of the X-Men who was selected to go back to the past because the power would help him withstand the trauma of time travel.

So, when Marvel announced that they were going to eliminate our favourite character in 2014, it pissed off a lot of comic book fans. Marvel was killing a character who was known to be invincible and one the most popular characters it had ever created.

If you want to check out what comic he died in, it is “The Death of Wolverine”. pretty simple title right. This was honestly shocking but alas its comic books 




The Pros 

  1. Mysterious arc discovered 
  2. Badass artwork 
  3. Logan iconic character 
  4. Healing factor 


The Cons 

  1. This was hard to find 
  2. Conflicting 
  3. Wolverine has been through too much suffering 
  4. We need to see Dakken in a movie


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For reviews .jpgFor reviews .jpg




Date published: 01/10/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Vox (2) Death of Wolverine

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