Watch the Arrow | Official Season 6 Trailer |The CW

The CW network is dropping their, latest promotional videos for their seasonal superhero shows. Arrow is no exception. The show that started it all (Arrowverse) is back with a bang and Oliver Queen (Stephen Amell) is back with a burning vengeance “Star City needs Green Arrow” .






A lot has changed in this series (scenery, setting, plot, character development), I’m expecting dark and gritty action as Oliver tries to balance being a mayor, father, hero and businessman. He has evolved over the years and he is even teaming up with older rivals such as Deathstroke. Who is somewhat of a anti-villain I guess he’s too cool. Manu Bennet will be portraying Slade. 

I also expect, to see more of Spartan/Diggle portrayed by David Ramsey and Overwatch (Felicity Smoak) portrayed by Emily Bett Rickards and also Roy Harper (Colton Haynes)  .

I want to see Team Arrow bond as a unit and aid Arrow and take down the threat whoever he is. The writers for Arrow always seem to follow the formula of having a main super-villain and a secondary villain. It’s going to be exciting to see who it is this year (2017) during the duration of season 6. 


“It’s going to be the biggest of all big bads, I can say that,” Mericle opined about Season 6’s main villain. “I’m going to be very cagey about that one, sorry.” Guggenheim added, “We’ve got some pretty cool meat grinder moments planned for the season. Hopefully we’ll be here next year and you guys will be asking, ‘How do you top so and so?’ The big creative choice that we made was, this year, the consequences have to be felt not just by Oliver but by the entire team. That’s a big part of the engine that drives Season 6.”

“We really are just focusing on the elements that worked last year,” Guggenheim promised. “The gritty crime stories, the grounded tone.”“We’re going to really double down on that this year,” Mericle added. “What we found we really do really well is gritty crime drama with a little bit of levity with Curtis and Felicity. I think it was pretty successful in Season 5.”


Date published: 30/09/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source:  (1) The CW Television Network  (2) CBR

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