The next epic crossover between the four CW superhero shows coming together once again for Crisis on Earth-X distributed by none other than DC Comics.

Shows to be included: 

  1. Arrow 

  2. The Flash 

  3. DC’s Legends of Tomorrow 

  4. Supergirl 

Release date: November 27th and 28th Monday and Tuesday 

Network: The CW (United Stated) Sky One (United Kingdom)

Superheroes/others involved:  The Flash, Firestorm, Heatwave, The Atom, Zari, Killer Frost, Vibe, White Canary, Mister Terrific, Vixen, the Ray, Super-girl, Black Canary, Green Arrow and Wilddog.

Super-villains (speculation):  Reverse Flash, Prometheus, Captain Cold, League of Assassins.  

Objective: Barry Allen and Iris West will finally have their big day, their wedding. Both parties have decided it’s time to come together as one and get married but we all know as a superhero there is no happy ending. 

It’s going to be exciting to say the least, stay tuned. On The CW (United Stated) and Sky One (United Kingdom).






Date published: 30/09/17 

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) GeeksofColor (2) Comic Book Galaxy (3) CBR 

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