Food Wars Season 3 | You hungry, get ready for a delicious meal that will blow your mind | Anime style

  1. Genre: Comedy 
  2. Mangaka: Yūto Tsukuda
  3. Illustration: Shun Saeki 
  4. Japanese Publisher: Shueisha 
  5. English/North America Publisher: Viz Media 
  6. Demographic: Shounen (Young Men) 
  7. Imprint: 
  8. Original Run: November 26th-2012 (Present)
  9. Volumes: 25 in total 
  10. Magazine: Shounen Jump 
  11. Favourite Characters: Sōma Yukihira,  Akira Hayama  and Ryō Kurokiba



Crunchyroll has released a preview of Food Wars also known as Shokogeki no Soma. This anime is a very interesting one because it is not your typical action, supernatural show it’s more cooking and slice of life with a hint of Shounen troupes, this anime is awesome to say the least I watched it last year season 1 and 2. 

The food reactions where priceless and hilarious XD

The latest Food Wars: Shokugeki no Soma Promotional Video is Here!! hype for the new season!




Season 3 will bring a whole new resolve to the plot and characters, there is a supreme board of head chefs that are officially the best and top 10 chefs in this show the main character wanted to surpass his father and own his own resturant and become the best head chef but he failed….maybe season 3 he could succeed, I’m looking forward to this. Make sure you watch it on Crunchyroll. 



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Date published: 30/09/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Facebook  (2) Shokogeki No Soma [Characters] (3) Shokogeki no soma

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