Check out the Dissidia Final Fantasy NT | The crossover Final Fantasy battle simulation !

Enjoy badass characters and crossover titles well I’ve got some good news for you, Square Enix announced that they will be releasing a new fighting game which consists of previous protagonists from Final Fantasy games.

Release Date: January 18th 2018 (World Wide), January 11th (Japan)

Publishers: Square Enix & Koei Techmo

Developer: Team Ninja 

  1. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Tokyo Game Show 2017 Trailer

What’s going on readers, I hope all is well in your hood. Today I will be explaining why this new IP from Square Enix will be promising. First and foremost, it is a collaborative effort by the developers and publishers they are combining their strengths to create an awesome experience for us all. 

2. DISSIDIA FINAL FANTASY NT Announcement Trailer 

The announcement trailer will blow your mind, this title is coming from Square Enix and Team Ninja for the PlayStation 4 in 2018. This game will feature more than 20 playable characters from the legacy series Final Fantasy from both sides including heroes and villains such as the latest, notable hero Noctis Lucis Caelum in team based battles on the battlefield.

Dissidia Final Fantasy NT was a updated version that was released in 2015 in the arcades, but it was exclusive to Japan only. Developed by Team Ninja. The arcade version of Dissidia Final Fantasy featured legacy character, none other than Cloud Strike, Sephiroth, Terra Bransford, Lightning and Tidus in 3v3 fights. Gamers could also bring their own summons like Odin, Ramuh, Shiva and Ifrit to the battlefield.  

Date published: 30/09/17

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Square Enix NA [A]  (2) Square Enix [B]

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