Your Name is getting a Live Action Hollywood Adaption to be directed J. J. Abrams


In recent news, it was reported that Anime movie Kimi no Na wa also known as “Your Name” the anime movie will be receiving a Hollywood live action adaption. According to Hollywood reporter  Star Wars: Episode VII (2015) director J. J. Abrams will be directing this.

This director is credited to be amazing and it is true his work is memorising and I am sure this anime is in good hands. The casting, effects and aesthetics (THIS ANIME IS SO AESTHETIC) need to be addressed and planned out and did accordingly. 

This is good news, but obviously will bring a lot of controversial opinions and topics such as accusations of white washing, who will play what roles, will this be faithful to the source material and so on. 

Your Name was one of the highest grossing anime films of 2016 with homeland success in Japan and also International. Your Name was an anime movie about two people a man and a woman who don’t know each other at first but become better acquainted over time and realise they connect in an immense way. When they are together they can do unbelievable things. The genre Drama, Movie, Romance, School, Supernatural it’s a must watch.

your name.PNG
Box Office Mojo results for Your Name
J. J. Abrams the director for Your Name


Death Noye.PNG


With the sudden exposure to Japanese entertainment in particular anime being developed and adapted into American Hollywood movies, one can only wonder how much anime film production companies’ have in mind to make and distribute to the public. Only time will tell.

PS: I don’t think this one will flop like the others



Date published: 29/09/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) My Anime List [Your Name] (2) Twitter [@Josh_Luna] (3) Crunchyroll (4) Hollywood Reporter (5) Box Office Mojo (6) IMDB [Your Name] (7) Twitter [@Josh_Luna]

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7 thoughts on “Your Name is getting a Live Action Hollywood Adaption to be directed J. J. Abrams

  1. While I haven’t seen “Your Name” yet I feel like it’s going to flop based on the fact that past attempts in the west have failed. The movie might also fail due to the fact that if any white actors or actresses are casted in sizable roles them people will claim it’s white washed without considering the market it’s in and the how the West has way more Caucasians, Blacks, latinos, etc than Asians.

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