Cyberpunk warfare game RUINER is the next big thing.

Check out the cyberpunk inspired video game developed by Devolver Digital .This new IP was quite the surprise but a good one. Ruiner is a game played from a bird’s eye view do a certain degree, this title is a top down cyberpunk shooter from Reikon Games and published by Developer Digital.

This game is set in an already reminds me of older classics such as X-Squad (PlayStation 2), Watch Dogs 2 (PlayStation 4) and InFamous (PlayStation 3) 



  1. RUINER – Ugly Heart | PS4


The trailer above is interesting, this is the modern age we are living in with video games and it is getting exciting, in this city “RANGO CITY” it seems like it needs cleaning : “Gangs, psychos’, killers there all here for you….an unless you dock your way out you will need some toys”. 

This game is badass it seems to be an edgy shooter where you are some type of agent and or some kind of mercenary who is sent to take down nefarious low-level criminals and then eventually proceed to the main boss it’s a perfect formula for simple game but works well.

The game will be released on: PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac and Linux and PC and is already released as of the 25th of September 2017. 




2. RUINER Launch Trailer 

Check out the launch trailer above 



Date published: 29/09/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) PlayStation   (2) Facebook (3) Giantbomb

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