Watch the previews of “The Gifted” the new X-Men TV Series premiering on FOX

Fox has released two new trailers of the new X-men inspired series appropriately titled “The Gifted” which is based on Marvel comics X-Men external universe. Directed by Matt Nix This series is connected to the X-Men film series. This series is produced by 20th Century Fox Television a subsidiary of Marvel Television with the director as the showrunner.

The series starts Stephen Moyers and Amy Acker who are parents taking their family who are fugitives since their children have mutant abilities.The mutant children have powers and are in danger they are on the run from a secret organisation from the government a task force if you like who are assigned to eliminate the threat but they are just kids this is the premise if the series.

“The Gifted” is scheduled to release in the United States on the 2nd of October on the cable channel FOX. The United Kingdom release will also make a debut in a few days on FOX (UK & Ireland) on the 8th of October 9:00 PM. 




  1. The First Six Minutes | Season 1 Ep. 1 | Ep. 1 | The Gifted: 


The first six minutes of this trailer reveals some legit epicnesss, this TV series shows the struggle and persecution of mutants but this time they are on their own and can also be considered renegades’.

The clip starts of with Blink. Blink portrayed by actress Jamie Chung she is terrified running away from the police but suddenly puts her hands together in claw like position in a parallel dimension position and ignites her power which emits her dimension hopping (Portal transportation) . She managers to escape

In the next scene during the aftermath another character is seen squatting and touching the ground he seems to be a mutant because as soon as he touches the ground he senses the past he is accompanied by two other mutants and they discuss Blink’s location and more suspicious clues to finding her.

There is also another character working alongside who seems to have enhanced vision and is capable of seeing from very far distances. He locates Blink and they all find her and interrogate her the other mutants seem to want to help Blink and invite her to join their group but abruptly the other character notices the cops are coming in their cars. 

One of the female characters uses her telekenis and destroys the cars and cops but they are not totally destroyed, the cops shoot their bullets but one of the other mutants has a “bright” idea of using his bright light ability and shines the light at the police to distract the cops they manage to escape but one cop catches up to them and shoots one of them this sends one of the female characters in a rage and she uses her powers to attack a cop but she is ambushed by more and shot with a taser gun, the other man who is most likely her love interest wants to go back but the other member grabs him and informs him and the rest to keep running to fully escape from the police.



2. X-MEN: THE GIFTED Season 1 Episode 1 Promo Trailer “Fight” (2017)



The second trailer is badass, this is almost like the next generation X-Men. The young mutants are trying to escape being captive and are going to have to prepare for this war against the enemy The Government who wants to destroy all mutants this is similar to Heroes and X-Men: The Last Stand, Logan and even Chronicle to certain extent. I think it will be amazing I am looking forward to this. 

Teleportation, dimension porting, mind-control all kinds of powers and in this family their father is a major cop so he must have asked to capture his own kids the mother is in oblivion and the children are on the run this is going to be badass. “Fighting to hide, to escape, to survive, this is our story”. With subtle references to X-Men and The Brotherhood this is undeniably the aftermath of the X-Men.  


Check out the screenshots from the latest preview


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Date published: 28/09/17 

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) YouTube [The Gifted 01 (A) ] (2)YouTube [Rapid Trailer (B) ] (3) Denofgeek (4) Blink (5) IMDB [The Gifted]

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