Sonic Forces will be available to pre-order (DLC bonus available with pre-order too) at various online retailers. The launch price may surprise you though, it is not your typical £40.00 – £45.00 price range for most launch titles especially of this Excalibur.

On Amazon and GAME. The next launch title that was formerly refereed to as “Project Sonic 2017, Sonic Forces will only cost £27.99. This is unusual especially for a brand new Sonic The Hedgehog video game but this is great news. The next generation Sonic video game will be affordable check out the sources above and below for the links to the online retailers. 

Sonic Forces will on sale November the 9th for Europe and North America and November the 9th for Japan. Also the Xbox One version is available here


Date published: 27/09/17

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Amazon (2) GAME

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  1. I saw the prices at GameStop, not Amazon here since apparently it’s not available, and I was surprised on the price. Over here, for only $40, you can get the game and the preorder bonus. It’s very unusual but I am happy.

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