Check out the Pacific Rim: Uprising official promotional poster

John Boyega posted the official promotional Pacific Rim: Uprising official movie poster via twitter, alongside with the official Pacific Rim: Uprising twitter released 2 new promotional images with the caption “Rise up” with the protagonist Jake Pentecost (Son of Stacker Pentecost played by Idris Elba from the original movie) and the deuteragonist Nate Lambert. Universal Pictures provided the promotional pictures.

The images are below and are pretty badass, they seem like a video game (Halo), Mecha and Gundam influenced, the armour is sweet and looks. Pacific Rim: Uprising is scheduled to be released in 2018 it’s the sequel to Pacific Rim.


Like Father Like son, Jake Penecost will be Stacker Pentecost’s spiritual successor leading the force to stop the Kaijou epic monsters. In the sequel his Jaeger will be an, upgraded version of the Gypsy Avenger the Jaeger piloted by Charlie Hunnam who portrayed Raleigh Becket in the original film Pacific Rim.

The Jaeger program has expanded into a global defense force trapped in a constant battle with the Kaiju. A new generation of heroes must rise to defeat the monstrous threat. Pacific Rim 2 is being directed by Daredevil Season 1 alum Steven S. DeKnight and will take place 10 years after the first movie.

Check out the awesome promotional pictures’ below





Date published: 27/09/17

Written by : Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) Twitter 

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