Retro Sunday [Sunday Special Week 4] – Wipeout Fusion (PS2)

On this week’s edition of Retro Sunday, I will be reminding on one of my favourite legacy PlayStation 2 titles to the spotlight, you guessed it ladies and gentlemen Wipeout Fusion, this game was a childhood favourite anti-gravity racing video game. Wipeout Fusion was high-octane because it featured fierce, intense racing with dangerous weapons to add to the effect of the high-speed racing.


This futuristic anti-gravity racing video game was developed by Sony Studio Liverpool which is no longer in business. This game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for the PlayStation 2. This game also had older additions and a PS4 remake called Wipeout Omega Collection that is currently out.

Wipeout Fusion Synopsis 

boxart.jpgWipeout Fusion is a racing game which is set in 2160 and revolves around players competing in the F9000 anti-gravity racing league. Players control anti-gravity ships owned by large racing corporations (collectively referred to as “teams”). Overall, the game contains 45 race tracks, 32 ship models, and 26 weapons. 

There are eight teams in Wipeout Fusion, each having a lead pilot and second pilot – players can choose which pilot and team they want to use before a race. 

Each ship has its characteristics; depending on the team selected, a ship will vary in terms of speed, acceleration, manoeuvrability, and shield strength. 

The game has four race modes. Arcade mode involves a standard single race, in which the player must race against opponents and finish first to earn a gold medal; securing second or third place will reward the player with a silver or bronze medal, respectively.

The AG League contains ten tournaments; each tournament has four races with sixteen competitors. Money is awarded at the end of each tournament as a result of time, damage, and skill bonuses. Players can use money to upgrade the appearance or performance of their ships.

The other two race modes are “Zone” mode, which revolves around survival as the player’s ship automatically accelerates to extreme speeds; and time trial mode, where the player may record best lap times.

In addition, the game features a variety of weapons which can be utilised to destroy other opponents or for self-defence. Offensive weapons include rockets, plasma bolts, missiles, and grenades, whilst defensive weapons range from deployable mines to energy shields.

Every ship is also equipped with a standard energy shield which will protect the player from damage caused by collisions or weapons fire. If a shield runs out, the ship will explode and the player in question will be eliminated from the race.

The game was awesome, it was defintely one of my all time favourites. I’m going to get into the PlayStation 4 remakes of the newer editions of this IP. Hope you enjoyed this weeks edition of Retro Sunday, More to come.


Date published: 25/09/17

Written by: Joseph .O. 

Source: (1) (2) YouTube [LewisLongshanks] (3) Wipeout Fusion Wikipedia Page

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