SEGA and Sonic Team outsourced some of their music production for their latest project Sonic Forces to The London Symphony Orchestra. SEGA’s leading composer Tomoya Ohtani is also working alongside this Orchestra to work on music for the upcoming video game.



This is a beautiful site. The London Symphony Orchestra consist of some of the most talented musicians who are excellent musicians in a group, playing amazing classical instruments  in harmony this is a great collaboration between The London Symphony Orchestra and SEGA. 

The London Symphony Orchestra started working, in April 2017 in the Air Studios – Lyndhurst Hall, in London with Tomoya Ohtani. SEGA’s main composer recording the musical performance for Sonic Forces. 60 musicians in total played instruments together for Sonic Forces: Game from title screen and cut scene for this awesome next generation modern Sonic video game.

I can’t wait for Sonic Forces, this game will undeniably be my next video game. Expect the game to be released November the 7th 2017 on Tuesday for the PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Microsoft Windows/PC and Nintendo Switch. 

Read more about the London Symphony Orchestra here




Date published: 25/09/17

Written by: Joseph .O.

Source: (1) YouTube [SEGA]   (2) Tomoya Ohtani

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